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What can I do to improve my apartment and save money?

With any home improvement or apartment improvement project you will want to obtain the written permission of your landlord first. Usually, however, if you are willing to pay for the materials and install them, a landlord will often be willing to grant you permission for your home improvement or apartment improvement project. The landlord will generally want any improvement to remain at the premises after you move out.

An easy home improvement project that almost anyone can handle is to install a programmable thermostat. If a tenant is paying for the heat in the apartment then it would make sense to do so. Programmable thermostats can be found for as little as $29 and can be set to heat the apartment to a specific temperature at exact times of the day. For instance, if a tenant normally comes home from work at 6 p.m., he/she can set the thermostat to heat the apartment to 72 degrees at 6 p.m. If a tenant leaves for work at 8 a.m., the tenant can set the thermostat to stop heating the apartment at 8 a.m. and lower the temperature to 64 degrees while the tenant is gone and the apartment is empty. These thermostats save money by using less energy during times when the apartment is empty. No sense heating an apartment if no one is there, right? These thermostats are efficient if they don't have to raise or lower (a/c) the temperature more than 8 degrees at a time.

If a tenant is looking to save money on a water bill, an easy home improvement project is to change the shower head with a low flow showerhead. Such items can be found for as little as a few dollars and can be changed in a few minutes. A low flow showerhead uses substantially less water than older models and save on water usage and energy used to heat hot water since you use less hot water with a low flow showerhead.

Looking for a security system but don't want to install one in an apartment? Consider a portable security system such as those made by Tattletale. Portable security systems can be set up in 5-10 minutes, don't require wiring, and can be taken to your new apartment or home when you move out.

Other easy home improvement projects for tenants include window insulation kits, installing flourescent light bulbs, insulating electrical outlets, insulating doors, and changing furnace filters.

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