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Ohio Renter's Rights:
How to take on your Landlord

by Eric E. Willison, Esq. and
Andrew J. Ruzicho II, Esq.

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Inside this Book

    Ohio Renter's Rights: How to take on your landlord
    Your guide to all aspects of the landlord/tenant relationship and your Ohio renters legal rights.

    Topics covered from Ohio Renters Rights include:

    • How to get your security deposit back
    • How to get your landlord to make repairs
    • How to deal with noisy neighbors
    • Sample notice to make repairs
    • Sample notice of termination of tenancy
    • Sample move-in/move-out checklist
    • Finding an apartment
    • Understanding Rental Applications and Leases
    • Typical problems during your tenancy
    • Landlord retaliation
    • Landlord's duties to tenant
    • The notification process
    • Problems with roomates, crime, third parties
    • Unauthorized entries by landlord
    • The eviction process
    • Month to month tenancies
    • Court tactics
    • Ohio Renters Legal Rights
    • Stop Landlord lies by knowing what your legal rights are

    • Now in searchable pdf format - type the word/phrase you want and go right to it!



    THank you so much for your book. Yesterday I won my case against my slumlords and the judge dealt them a verbal whooping. I am so glad you wrote that book for the average joe. I represented myself very well. Now I know what to do next time to prevent the problem. Thank you again - R. Amour


Product Details


Complete Tenant's Kit

Complete tenant's kit - which includes

    1. Ohio Renter's Rights: How to take on your landlord;

    2. Guide to getting out of your lease;

    3. Tenant's Guide to Fighting an Eviction;

    4. How to make the best case to get your security deposit back;

    5. How to get your landlord to make repairs;

    6. How to deal with noisy neighbors;

    7. Landlord and Tenant's Guide to Understanding Lease Provisions;

    8. A free subscription to our bi-monthly newsletter on Ohio landlord tenant law;

    all for only $19.95, for a savings of over $26.00 when compared with the price of buying all products separately

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