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3 day Ohio eviction notice form

by Eric E. Willison, Esq. and
Andrew J. Ruzicho II, Esq.

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3 day notice is current through 2010

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Inside this Book

    3 day Ohio eviction notice form in Microsoft Word and pdf formats
    POST THIS NOW AND COLLECT YOUR RENT TODAY! - Tenant's react quickly and pay rent after receiving a three day notice to vacate.


  • Don't trust free eviction notice or free eviction form - Ohio mandates specific language
  • Statutory eviction language mandated by Ohio Revised Code Section 1923
  • Notice to tenant that they are still responsible for damages beyond ordinary wear and tear even though they move out
  • Notice to tenant that they are still responsible for all past unpaid rents
  • Notice to tenant that they are still responsible for all future unpaid rents as set forth in lease
  • Notice to vacate
  • Guide indicating how the three day eviction notice period is calculated
  • Bonus section from our eviction kit explaining three day notice, proper posting, etc.
  • Includes quicktime video tutorial on how to complete the three day notice
  • Includes free subscription to our bi-monthly newsletter on Ohio landlord tenant law


    After having obtained the eviction via your tutorial, we got your form for filing for default judgment and were debating whether to proceed. Our tenant had lost her job and cashed in her 401K. We didn't know how to go about finding out where the money from the 401K is or who her new employer is or will be and you have answered that question for us.

    We always do check tenants thoroughly as is witnessed by the fact that this was the first eviction we ever had to do and the first loss of rents after 25 years of renting houses. You have really been a God-send. I can't thank you enough.
    R. Tang

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Product Details


Get Notice to Quit in Spanish


Better Together

Landlords Guide to Ohio Eviction Law Ohio Landlord Guide Ohio Sample Lease Ohio Eviction audio kit Ohio Eviction notice Rental Application

Or consider purchasing our complete landlord's kit - which includes

    1. the Ohio eviction kit - three day eviction notice, sample eviction complaint, step by step guide to filing an eviction;

    2. Three day eviction notice in Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat Reader pdf formats;

    3. Thirty day eviction notice in Microsoft Word and pdf formats for ORC 5321.05 violations;

    4. Sample lease (in Microsoft Word format for easy editing);

    5. Landlord's guide to Ohio landlord/tenant law;

    6. Landlord's guide to eviction process in audio format (mp3 format);

    7. Rental application in Microsoft word and pdf formats;

    8. Landlord and Tenant's Guide to Understanding Lease Provisions;

    9. Sample notice of intent to enter premises - Landlord to Tenant;

    10. Sample notice of Unhealthy or Unsafe Living Conditions Landlord to Tenant;

    11. Sample notice of Noise violations Landlord to Tenant;

    12. Rental receipt;

    13. Notice of Abandoned Personal Property;

    14. A free subscription to our bi-monthly newsletter on Ohio landlord tenant law;

    15. Sample Itemization of charges against security deposit Landlord to Tenant;

    all for only $29.95, for a savings of over $26.00 when compared with price of buying all products separately

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